Voice 4 Impact

Actionable Intelligence for Global Change


Who we are

Voice 4 Impact is a socially conscious group of talented problem-solvers, scientists, communicators and technology masters committed to pursuing work that drives benefit on a global scale.


Our Intent

As change agents and responsible creators, we are passionate about our calling to pursue ways in which we can drive beneficial change in the world.


Our beliefs

A different age is upon us: it is characterized by passionate connectivity to purpose, an enlightened service approach, and the drive to empower all people through solutions that make a difference beyond business as usual. This work fulfills us, propels the missions of the organizations we serve, and elevates the collective consciousness of the planet. 

→ Humanity faces challenges that hinder positive change

→ Positive change drives us to develop dynamic, creative solutions enabled by technology 

→ Technology provides powerful, instantaneous connectivity and reach on a global scale

→ Global-scale solutions transform humanity, advancing issues that matter most to us



“It starts with inspired dynamic thinking.”



How we work

our thinking

Our global network of industry experts and gifted, dynamic thinkers powers our work through big-picture thinking that reinvents how solutions have been generated and realized in the past. Each request requires a fresh perspective. With years of collective expertise in entrepreneurial and agency environments, we are masters at generating smart ideas, and creating solutions that make a difference in what matters most to you. Synthesizing people, process and technology, our solutions manifest as practical, transformational applications for solving the world’s biggest challenges.


Our Results

We apply dynamic thinking to unleash solution potential. We combine the art of design, craft of communication and knowledge of technology to turn ideas into reality and activate the new ways to maximize global impact.




“It is realized through imaginative problem-solving.”



Think of the possibilities

Voice 4 Impact understands how the combination of forensic expertise, data analysis, social networks, communications and humanitarian response strategies can affect immediate, dramatic & sustainable change to a global problem that is currently not being addressed.


Current state of affairs

Too much data, too little, too late: Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are for most people intimidating and nebulous terms. Our world is creating too much data with too little resources to analyse, in too little time to deliver actionable insights. 


OUr solution

The Intelligent Data Ecosystem (I.D.Eco™) provides a holistic view of the data, increases velocity of insights and delivers actionable intelligence in real-time. I.D.Eco™ is a cloud-based solution for harvesting public data from the Internet. Information is gathered, broken down and distilled into actionable intelligence. For the first time, insights can be shared and collaborated across multiple agencies. As a result, valuable resources and time are no longer waisted, and lives are saved.


Key differentiators

  • interactive Dashboard

  • Real-Time Alerts

  • Continual Collaboration

  • Ongoing Assessment

  • Situationally Adaptive

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Location Intelligence

  • Machine Learning



“We work to better understand what matters most to you.”

Jennifer L Peters|  founder

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make a change

Voice 4 Impact


Jennifer Peters


25+ years of experience in assembling talented teams that drive new, innovative solutions to business and social problems. Bridging the gap between business and creative development for a global client base in the automotive, financial, healthcare, pharmaceutical and technology industries

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Jeff Marcus


Media and technology thought leader, CTO and tech-founder. Expertise managing diverse product and software development teams across different industries. Works with companies at various levels – from start-up on upward, including VC’s and institutional investors

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Kara Francis

Humanitarian initiatives

Design program goals and implementation for the Humanitarian division of Voice4Impact’s I.D.Eco technology solution Assist with technology development from a citizen-centric and victim/survivor-based approach for a range of domestic and global applications

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James Murphy


15+ years of experience as a world-class Forensic Archaeologist with unrivaled expertise in classical archaeology, archaeo-geophysical surveying, landscape archaeology, mass grave excavation and international crime scene management. He has pioneered the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) combined with data analysis to create accurate site and risk assessment in the most extreme conditions of the highest conflict areas of the world, most currently Iraq

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Screen Shot 2017-01-21 at 11.34.09 PM.png

Charles Cleary


Transforms emerging technology-centric companies into value-driven, customer focused leaders delivering sustainable growth through innovation and customer delight. Leverages senior leadership experience within a broad and highly diverse set of industries in delivering deep insights that drive clients’ success. Achieves planned performance through continual end-to-end alignment of strategy with execution and communication. Leads from the front, at the intersection of business, markets, and technology, to drive and sustain highly-differentiated value propositions and customer experiences

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J. Brett Taylor, Ed.D.

Government affairs

25+ years of professional government policy experience in the public and private sectors, Brett specializes in working with federal agencies, congressional offices, and state leaders nationwide to facilitate fiscal and infrastructure policy

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