Jennifer Peters


25+ years of experience in assembling talented teams that drive new, innovative solutions to business and social problems. Bridging the gap between business and creative development for a global client base in the automotive, financial, healthcare, pharmaceutical and technology industries

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Bryan LeBlanc


25+ years of experience in leadership, problem-solving, data architecture, integration, and technology innovation in large-scale, global initiatives. Combining strategic planning, creativity and emerging technology expertise to design and develop applications that help solve business problems, enhance organizational growth and support sustainable change

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James Garrity


20+ years of leadership experience in all aspects of enterprise information technology and organizational strategy. Results oriented senior executive with wide-ranging skills in driving sales, marketing and operations management for different size organizations

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James Murphy

forensic science

15+ years of experience as a world-class Forensic Archaeologist with unrivaled expertise in classical archaeology, archaeo-geophysical surveying, landscape archaeology, mass grave excavation and international crime scene management. He has pioneered the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) combined with data analysis to create accurate site and risk assessment in the most extreme conditions of the highest conflict areas of the world, most currently Iraq

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Michael Dick

subject matter expert

35+ years of combined service. Retired Supervisory Special Agent with the FBI and a retired Lieutenant Colonel with the United States Army. Chief Operations Officer and senior managing partner for Logistics Sustainment Technicians (LST). Most recently reporting as Senior Instructor at the FBI’s Counterintelligence Training Center in Quantico, VA

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J. Brett Taylor, Ed.D.

Government affairs

25+ years of professional government policy experience in the public and private sectors, Brett specializes in working with federal agencies, congressional offices, and state leaders nationwide to facilitate fiscal and infrastructure policy

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Tim Dodd

business development

15 years of experience in solution selling, strategic partnerships, client management in Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud computing companies

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