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The Problem:
Too Much, Too Little, Too Late

Security firms and first responders across the country struggle to gather and use open source social media such as Facebook, Twitter, weather and traffic information to better protect and save lives. Our world creates too much data with too little resources to analyze, in too little time to deliver actionable insights.


The Solution:
Intelligent Data Ecosystem (I.D.Eco™)

I.D.Eco™ is a cloud-based solution for harvesting public data from the Internet. Information is gathered, broken down and distilled into actionable intelligence. For the first time, situational awareness can be shared and collaborated across multiple agencies. As a result, valuable resources and time are no longer wasted, and lives are saved.

Interactive dashboard

Visualizing data is the key element for most user interactions with I.D.Eco™. Each user has the ability to “see” the areas of greatest interest and drill down into further detail, including the ability to view content over time or content aligned to a map.

customizable alerts

I.D.Eco™ allows users to set thresholds or triggers to filter incoming content. It also Allows field-based users to confirm or refute observations made within the platform, preventing unnecessary resource allocation in real-time.

Continual Collaboration

A key aspect to the success of managing an escalating incident is the ability for cross-agency collaboration. I.D.Eco™ brings together multiple perspectives, whether they originate in the command center or from the larger theater of operation.

Ongoing assessment

Allows for adaptation through situational awareness and risk assessment. Users record trends or potential evolving trends before and as they unfold. These observations are shared and available across all agencies partnering on a given operation.


“Currently there is no platform to help protect first responders by using OSINT”

US Department of Homeland Security  |  First Responders Group, 2017


First of its kind

I.D.Eco™ is designed to enhance the visibility of large-scale, rapidly evolving incidents such as an act of terrorism, active shooter situation or natural disaster. As incidents materialize, I.D.Eco™ harvests publicly available data from Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) including but not limited to; public outcries on Facebook, Twitter bystander reports, live videos, news feeds, traffic and weather updates. This information is provided both temporally and geospatially to all invited participants. Both command and field can be alerted in real time to an increase in activity relevant to the situation based on personalized triggers. This will allow the reallocation of resources and improved preparedness throughout the operation.


Data Driven & Human Focused

I.D.Eco™ is a patent-pending platform. It leverages different machine learning techniques collectively known as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Specifically, the algorithms used are proprietary.

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Jennifer Peters


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Kara Francis

Humanitarian initiatives

Design program goals and implementation for the Humanitarian division of Voice4Impact’s I.D.Eco technology solution Assist with technology development from a citizen-centric and victim/survivor-based approach for a range of domestic and global applications

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James Murphy


15+ years of experience as a world-class Forensic Archaeologist with unrivaled expertise in classical archaeology, archaeo-geophysical surveying, landscape archaeology, mass grave excavation and international crime scene management. He has pioneered the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) combined with data analysis to create accurate site and risk assessment in the most extreme conditions of the highest conflict areas of the world, most currently Iraq

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Charles Cleary


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J. Brett Taylor, Ed.D.

Government affairs

25+ years of professional government policy experience in the public and private sectors, Brett specializes in working with federal agencies, congressional offices, and state leaders nationwide to facilitate fiscal and infrastructure policy

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