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Proactively Connect, Inform and Serve

The I.D.Eco patented process allows the public sector to connect to real people with unparalleled precision without compromising privacy or civil liberty. The result is greater connection, and measurable ROI at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. We do NOT use, sell, or capitalize on data.

The Challenge

Public sector agencies falter in communicating with their audiences in comparison to the private sector. Traditional means of communication such as direct mail, billboards, PSAs and limited social media usage, including the convenience of collection agencies and law firms are not reaching our communities with the proper tone or accuracy.

Government agencies would greatly benefit from streamlining the power of technology and establishing the critical two-way dialogue that their work depends on. With no accurate means for campaign performance measurement, decision-makers lack strategic insight into response rates and ROI. They often over-communicate to compensate for a solid strategy. As a result, most existing public information campaigns miss the mark in their intent to inform the public, create an actionable narrative and foster goodwill.

To Succeed

Government agencies must leverage sustainable innovation more fully to understand the public best and get the right messages out in real-time. In fact, with life-changing or life-saving resources on the line, these organizations must rise to the forefront of state-of-the-art technology adoption. In addition, residents want to hear from leaders who provide information from trusted and reliable sources.

How Do Officials Use I.D.ECO?

  • Connect People to factual Data and Services
  • Ensure Safe Communities and Saving Lives
  • Create Health Equity
  • Reveal Root Cause of Issues
  • Recover Revenue Now


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