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We See Data Differently

Officials now have unique insights into audience behaviors in real time, helping solve for infrastructure and digital transformation challenges.

  • Transportation as a Utility
  • Mobility as a Service
  • Equity Assistance Programs
  • Leakage/Reciprocity
  • First and Last Mile
  • Safety/Construction Awareness
  • Carbon Emissions Reduction
  • Gas Tax vs RUC Fees Outreach

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The Digital Trinity

We match mobile advertising IDs (MAIDs) to a physical address through the public Class-C IP address. This Digital Trinity methodology provides extreme precision to serve messages directly to devices in a household - within 24 hrs.

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GeoFraming is Geofencing Taken to a More Precise Level 

V4I's Patented Technology Does Not Rely on Cell Phone Towers or Bluetooth Technology

GeoFraming overcomes many of the limitations of geofencing and adds key abilities that geofencing lacks.

Our GeoFraming technology inventories mobile advertising device IDs (MAIDs) at the precise square meter level using latitude and longitude. This allows us to understand patterns of life (points of origin) in real time, or back 6 to 12 months.

Geoframing vs Geofencing

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  • Audience based on longitude and latitude and observed human behavior
  • Requires a person to search the internet or use a mobile app
  • Use in real time, or target Device IDs that were inventoried at the location up to 6 months
  • Household addresses can be matched back to offline conversion files
  • Ability to identify and target Device IDs once they travel elsewhere
  • Utilize V4I’s IP Targeting to target the Household IP Address with digital ads
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  • Uses cell towers to triangulate approximate location.
  • Requires a person to have location services turned on and opt in.
  • Can only be used in real time.
  • Our competitors resort to clusters of 4 to 12 households, which makes targeting and measurement less reliable.

The Cookie Crumbles

For years, the tech giants have relied on cookies to target consumers,but recently they’ve begun scrambling to phase cookies out because of the cookie’s inherent limitations and shortcomings.

From day one, V4I has built its solutions without relying on the use of cookies. This foresight has put us years ahead of our competitors as we continue to innovate for the future.

The genesis of our technology was to provide greater transparency and traceabilityin digital advertising and we’ve achieved just that.

The offline data V4I uses, instead of cookie data, is verified and drastically reduces non-human bot traffic and increases human-connectivity directly with the people you serve.

Our products are 100% cookie-freeand connect with real people with unparalleled accuracy, eliminating ad fraud from marketing efforts

The Accuracy Advantage

Our algorithm allows us to accurately target down toone square meter. Our competitors resort to clusters of 4 to 12 households, which makes targeting and measurement less reliable.

Traditional cookie-based advertising is on its way out asGoogle and others will no longer be supporting third-party cookiesin the name of privacy for the user.

How We Beat the Cookie – Our AlgorithmUsing our Digital Trinity, we match first-party public data in the form of mobile advertising IDs (MAIDs) to a physical address through the Class-C IP address.

This provides extreme precision with no threat of cookie-based fraud and allows us to serve ads directly to the devices in that household within the first 24 hours.



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