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V4I Provides The Human Heartbeat to Your Otherwise Lifeless Environmental Data

Create more sustainable, safer and healthier communities

With the help of our data science, AI/ML, software engineering and user experience specialists, we uncover the human insights you need to make informed decisions to better serve the public.

Voice 4 Impact is a certified, Woman-Owned, Public Benefit Corporation with our accurate data and human insights we are accelerating interdependent solutions. With our best-of-breed talent, partnerships and subject matter experts on the front lines, we are at the forefront of observing and understanding human behavior, which fuels our data-driven approach, drives our purpose, and enriches our mission.


  • Our purpose is tohelp government leaders reveal what's happening now in the hearts and minds of the people they serve, so they can proactively solve problems, empower individuals with life-saving information, support interconnected communities, and be a voice for impact.
  • We believethat government stakeholders and safety managers should have access to the right data and technologies to rise above reactive crisis management - and become proactive "thought leaders" that can see beyond tomorrow's challenges.
  • Our vision is to accelerate interdependent solutions that break down the silos across the public landscape and deliver the right information at the right time to create safer, healthier communities for everyone.


Voice 4 Impact leverages a combination of human insights with scalable, cloud-based SaaS technology powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to deliver comprehensive social media monitoring, integrated crisis communications, revenue recovery services, deep analytics, and more. Our products provide a contextual layer of human interaction with the physical worlds of IoT (Internet of Things) devices, and our web-based dashboard provides instant access to rich, intuitive, and actionable data for mitigating community risks, tracking social behaviors, and leveraging predictive models to identify violent outbreaks before they occur.


Voice 4 Impact is an integrated software platform and consultancy that delivers a real-time, 360-degree view of people and communities - helping government leaders and safety managers proactively collaborate around key data to prevent violence and crime, enhance safety, improve crisis communications, recover revenue and capture ROI. We enable public sector organizations to "pull the signal from the noise," visualize key patterns, and shape a 1:1 dialogue with the people they serve - so they can provide access to accurate information, support programs, funding resources, and other services that improve communities.

Engagements, Collaborations and Partnerships

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